Safe Communities

The citizens of Waukesha County deserve to be able to live in a community that remains safe and vibrant. Jack knows the important role law enforcement officials play in keeping our community safe and recognizes the sacrifices and difficulties that they encounter on the job. As a judge, Jack will promise to ensure that criminals who break our laws are held accountable and are not allowed to consistently create disorder to law abiding citizens.

Crime Victims Rights

In 2019, Wisconsin voters voted to amend the state constitution to codify a variety of rights afforded to crime victims known as Marsy’s Law. As a prosecutor, Jack has worked closely with hundreds of crime victims and has seen firsthand the devastating toll and frustrations that face victims. As a judge, Jack will always make sure crime victims see their cases resolved in a timely manner, their voices are heard in court, and the rights afforded to them in the state constitution are protected.

Support and Defend the Constitution

The U.S. Constitution and Wisconsin Constitution are the guiding documents that protect and codify the rights afforded to all Wisconsin citizens. Judges play an important part in applying the principles enshrined in these documents and should be committed to applying the laws as they are written. As a judge, Jack will uphold these legal principles and apply the law equally and fairly to all litigants who come into his courtroom.

Understanding the Intersection between Addiction and Crime

In his time in the district attorney’s office, Jack has worked closely with the OWI treatment court which seeks to provide a select number of impaired drivers with programming and monitoring to combat their underlying addiction issues under strict and rigorous judicial oversight and scrutiny. Many of these individuals struggled as a result of the current opiate crisis that our community finds itself in. This experience exposed Jack to the harsh impact drug and alcohol addiction can have on individuals and how that affects the criminal justice system and community. As a judge, Jack will be keenly aware of the need to balance the interest in treating offenders and keeping the public safe by holding individuals participating in these programs accountable.

Individual Freedoms

Freedom and liberty remain the defining principles that uphold our American system of governance and serve as the guiding ideals of the Wisconsin and U.S. Constitutions. In any criminal case, there are important rights that are afforded to anyone who has been charged with a crime. As a judge, Jack will diligently protect the constitutional rights of all individuals who come before him.