Meet Jack Pitzo


In his current role as a Waukesha County assistant district attorney, Jack Pitzo works every day to ensure that we have safe communities. Since graduating from law school, Jack has solely worked as a criminal prosecutor and will bring this firsthand experience of protecting victim’s rights and holding criminals accountable as a judge. Having an up close view of the criminal justice system, he felt called to run for judge to make sure that Waukesha County continues to have judges that are not afraid to proudly proclaim a law and order judicial philosophy.

As a Waukesha County Assistant District Attorney, Jack is tasked with managing nearly 500 criminal cases at a time including a wide array of felony and misdemeanor crimes. The caseload consists of offenses from drunk driving charges all the way to to first degree intentional homicides. Jack has prosecuted nearly forty jury trials.

One of Jack’s career highlights was his involvement in prosecuting Nathaniel Benton, an individual who attempted to murder two police officers in Waukesha County in 2020. This trial gave Jack an even greater appreciation for the sacrifices law enforcement officers and their families make for our community. With Jack’s assistance, this individual was convicted of multiple felony counts and was ultimately sentenced to over 90 years in prison.

Jack loves that his job allows him to work closely with the dozens of law enforcement agencies in Waukesha County. In his time as a prosecutor, Jack has formed close relationships with many leading law enforcement officers in Waukesha County which is why he is proud to have the endorsement of the Waukesha Police Chiefs Association, the Waukesha Deputy Sheriff Labor Union, the Milwaukee Police Association, Waukesha County Sheriff Eric Severson, and former Waukesha County Sheriffs Arnie Moncada and Dan Trawicki.

His courtroom presence and legal knowledge has also earned him the support of numerous Waukesha County judges, Wisconsin Court of Appeals judges, and Waukesha County District Attorney Sue Opper.

As a judge, Jack promises to treat all those who come into his courtroom with respect and dignity. While working in the District Attorney’s office, Jack spent over three years working closely with the OWI treatment court program which seeks to break the cycle of addiction and repeated drunk driving offenses by providing offenders with intensive courtroom supervision and rehabilitation programming. Jack’s work with this program exposed him to the interplay between mental health, substance abuse, and the criminal justice system.

Outside of work, Jack remains an engaged member of the Waukesha County community. He currently serves on the board of the Food Pantry serving Waukesha County as well as the Waukesha County Bar Association.

Jack has a degree in both political science and history from Purdue University and he received his Juris Doctorate from Marquette University Law School. Jack grew up in Illinois but has come to call and know Waukesha County as home. Jack lives in Brookfield with his wife, Emme; daughter, Lucy; and their Golden Retriever, Duke.

The son of a small business family, Jack knows the importance of hard work and the valuable role small business owners play in creating jobs and supporting a community’s success. One of the many inspirations in deciding to run for judge was his desire to ensure that Waukesha County business owners continue to have a safe, healthy, and predictable business climate to operate in.
Jack plans to take all of the experience gained as a prosecutor to the bench. Fighting on behalf of crime victims and the citizens of Waukesha County makes each day profoundly impactful and he intends to continue this service and commitment to justice as a Waukesha County judge.